“The Faces Behind The Cameras”

First off we have to start with introducing the man who started it all, Jerzy Nieves himself. Jerzy got his start in photography about 16 years ago, photographing families & cars. Although this is where his passion started it wasn’t until his first wedding that his true love for photography shined through. It was something about capturing the love couples have for each other that made him realize this was the right path for him. So that is where Jerzy Nieves Photography started. Although Jerzy himself does photo & video he knew very early on as his clientele grew he couldn’t do it alone. So Jerzy knew he needed to find the right people to grow his team. He knew he didn’t just wanna drop an ad looking to hire people, he really wanted people that would share his passion for each and every couple, making their special days exactly what they dreamed of. And he got exactly hat he was looking for!

First let’s talk about our second photographer, bringing her feminine vibes to the group is Merissa Ann. Her love for photography started when she was in college earning her BFA, but her true passion didn’t happen until she met Jerzy. Starting as his assistant, it was apparent quite quickly how much his passion and creativity was inspiring. Jerzy then took Merissa under his guidance to make her the photographer she is today. She now rounds out our team as an amazing second photographer. But Merissa has a secret weapon, she has been in the wedding industry for 5 years now working with one of the leading hair and makeup teams here in Central FL as a Lead Hair & Makeup Artist. Her expertise in this field is a HUGE bonus to have on your big day.

If what you just read wasn’t enough to convinced you that Jerzy has created a family here at Jerzy Nieves Photography let us just tell you a bit more. Before that first shutter click, we like our couples to feel like part of the family. We’ve learned through the years that the more comfortable you are the more you feel like you can be your most authentic self in front of the camera. Don’t worry because being bad-ass wedding photographers mean wearing many hats and playing multiple roles, and we are here to support you at every twist and turn as your day unfolds. We’re here to capture the beautiful moments of your day, yes, but know that no matter the obstacle, we are also your hype men, your biggest fans, and your go-to stress-relievers. Whether its fluffing your train or straighten your tie we are there for you every step of the way. Our job is to stop time and capture every detail and emotion of your day. So you can relax & enjoy, trusting that we got your backs.

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